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We envision a world in which individuals with Down syndrome are fully included in society as a whole. Help us break this cycle of invisibility through a dynamic database that sees, counts, and includes each one of them for the first time ever. Check out the primary results.

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What is Numbers Syndrome?

Numbers Syndrome sheds light on a population that is largely invisible to society: people with Down syndrome. And the only way to change this reality is through numbers.

Their under-identification, underrepresentation, and exclusion altogether from official statistics in Argentina and across the world diminish their chances to survive and thrive along with their prospects for a bright future.
Without current and accurate data, the Argentine government and its ministries cannot address the challenges and discrimination they encounter, nor create public policies that guarantee their rights, as required by the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

To ensure no one is left behind, the Down syndrome Association of Argentina (ASDRA) has created the first dynamic database of people with Down Syndrome. It gathers and updates their numbers and collects essential information, making them visible to a society that has lost sight of them for too long.

Our goal is to develop statistics that make visible the problems of a person with Down syndrome, generate demands in real time and push for those responsible to take immediate action. Through these numbers, we can voice their needs.

We update data

We analyze information

We make problems visible

We act

How to join

  • 1

    If you have Down syndrome or know anyone with this condition, click on this link.

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    Answer the required questions by our WhatsApp chatbot. Your answers help in collecting essential data about this population.

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    That´s it. With your help, we can help those with Down syndrome break free from the Numbers Syndrome.



ASDRA, the Down Syndrome Association of Argentina, is a non-profit civil association of public welfare.

We work together with families for the inclusion of people with Down syndrome in early care, education, work and independent living, equal opportunities, and the right to make their own choices.

Our organization works in compliance with the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, ratified by Argentina in 2008.

Our Mission

  • To provide support, information, and training to parents and family members of people with Down syndrome.
  • To educate and train professionals, companies, institutions, and all sectors of society about this population.
  • To push government authorities to implement public policies that uphold the rights of people with Down syndrome.

Our Vision

To be the reference NGO in Argentina using a hopeful and realistic message for people with Down syndrome and their full inclusion in society.

Our Values

  • Inclusion, participation and solidarity.
  • Integrity and transparency.
  • Teamwork and responsibility.
  • Consideration of the family as the central nucleus of positivity for people with Down syndrome.


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